Board of directors

On January 24th 2013 Temati's CEO, COO and CFO acquired 100% of the shares through a Management Buy Out. This allowed us to continue and expand our strategy and vision in- and outside Europe.

Stefan Naenen

Stefan Naenen CFO

Born: July 1982
Joined Temati: October 2012

Frank Scheerder

Frank Scheerder CEO

Born: March 1962
Joined Temati: October 1984

Arjan Jongkind

Arjan Jongkind COO

Born: Augustus 1965
Joined Temati: September 2001


Management board

Together with our companies in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, Middle-East and European distributors, we strive to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Andy Cholerton

Andy Cholerton

Manager United Kingdom
Born: October 1978
Joined Temati: May 2007
Shane Cherrington

Shane Cherrington

Manager Middle-East
Born: June 1969
Joined Temati: March 2011
Jindřich Matoušek

Jindřich Matoušek

Manager Czech Republic
Born: January 1975
Joined Temati: March 2008
John van Voorbergen

John van Voorbergen

Manager Germany
Born: January 1964
Joined Temati: March 2001

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