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CINI cross reference list

Methods and materials in insulation and insulation protection are constantly changing. In order to stay ahead of these developments, Temati’s product range is constantly evolving. The CINI Handbook is updated annually for the same reason.

To easily find the right products for the various articles in the manual, Temati compiled a CINI cross reference list. You can download a recently updated version of this file from the button at the bottom of the page.

About CINI

CINI stands for Commission Insulation Dutch Industry. Founded in July 1989, CINI has grown into the standardization institute in the field of thermal insulation for the (petro) chemical, process industry, electricity sector, etc.

The CINI Handbook

The CINI handbook (Handbook Insulation for the Industry) is the reference book for professionals involved in insulation in the industry. Due to international demand, the CINI manual is also available in English. The CINI manual contains guidelines for the insulation of pipes, fittings and equipment and is the ideal basis for drawing up a solid insulation specification.

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