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COVID-19 update: facemasks available

The world is turned upside down and people and companies in all countries are experiencing various stages of lock downs and restrictions. Daily life and business activities take place in an adapted way. Some executive activities can be done within restrictions, but sometimes also prove simply impossible. At the same time, people in health care do make the impossible possible, for which they deserve all the support and admiration.

Almost all companies are experiencing at least a slowdown in their activities or are trying to switch to market-strange activities. Everyone adapts and handles this exceptional situation as best as possible. The companies are trying to get through this difficult time and protect their employees.

Temati’s workshop in the Czech Republic is also switching. The insulation mattresses that are produced cannot currently be placed on site by the end customers, due to the applicable restrictive measures. This threatened to dry up the order flow. So the knife cut both ways when the regional government asked our team in the Czech Republic to produce facemasks for the local healthcare services of the hospital, fire brigade and police, as we reported in an earlier message on our website. This in turn has meant that we have been asked from different countries whether Temati can also supply these masks to companies. These were all insulation and construction companies working on job sites, who want to offer their employees extra protection within the restrictive measures, in order to be able to continue to carry out as many activities as possible. They also want to be ready by the time that the jointly responsible bodies have drawn up safe working protocols that enable companies to resume or further scale up their activities.

Although production of face masks is not a core activity of Temati, we are happy to contribute to a safer workplace and everything is “different” at a time like this. The facemasks are made of 100% cotton and are reusable. They can be washed at 90 ° C and ironing is also possible. If you think this offers you an opportunity to allow your employees to carry out their work in a protected manner and perhaps even expand activities, please let us know. We would be happy to discuss the options with you.

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