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EURO 2020 at Temati

We live in a time when traveling abroad is kept to a minimum. Also online meetings and other technologies are mainly used for typical business applications. And as we all know, coming together for a drink together behind the webcam or organizing a remote team outing simply doesn’t cut it…

EURO 2020 is a great opportunity to change this. Also for Temati. We have a branch or distributor in most participating countries. Therefore we have set up a prediction game for our all colleagues and our European distributors via On Friday June 11th, the battle will start with the opening match between Turkey and Italy. From a Temati distributor perspective, Inrep is up against Fibrac. Both strong teams, so we are curious about the results.

Eternal fame is of course more than enough motivation to participate. Still, we wanted to reward some prizes to to the winners. On July 11th we’ll know who can crown themselves as Temati’s football expert EURO 2020!

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