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EURO 2020: Italy – England and the rest

What a great tournament Euro 2020 was. Maybe not for the Dutch national team (or the English), but certainly for the football fan!

Another great success: The football pool of Temati and its European distributors. Due to the unpredictable nature of the tournament, we have seen many shifts. Even on the last day, there was an overtaking action that Max Verstappen would’ve been jealous of. An Italian colleague (who else) had predicted correctly that Italy would become champions and jumped from third to first place.

This way the result of the football pool became a perfect reflection of the tournament in which Italy and England also divided the prizes. Congratulations again: Laura, Marco and Paul!

Contrary to the tournament, in our football pool participating really was more important than winning. The many reactions showed that all participants appreciated the informal contact moments. Of course, the competitive nature also helped. Euro 2024 seems like a good opportunity for a rematch, or will it be World Cup 2022 ?

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