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Facemasks for foodbank IJmond

In a time that is difficult to everybody, some people have to deal with even more setback and have to call upon the Foodbank. As you may know this is a non-profit charitable organisation, that distributes food and basic necessities of life to those who have financial difficulty in purchasing these items. 

Obtaining facemasks to protect the personal health and that of others can be an irreconcilable expense and Foodbanks are in great need of it. Not being able to afford facemasks can also mean a limitation to participate in social life. Temati has its own mattress production facility, where it also manufactures reusable facemasks, in the Czech Republic. Foodbank IJmond received a big surprise when Temati employees delivered a donation of 6.000 facemasks in twelve full boxes.

Temati wishes everybody happy and especially healthy holidays and a ‘normal’ 2021!

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