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New: Foster 85-18

In an effort to convert existing products into more environmentally and user-friendly materials where possible, Temati has added a new product to the Foster® program: the Foster® 85-18.

It is designed as a European alternative to the Foster 85-60, so it complies with REACH regulations and does not have to carry GHS hazard symbols, where this is the case with the 85-60.

Foster 85-18 is a cream-coloured, high tack, quick-to-apply, water-based adhesive. Foster 85-18 is intended for bonding low-density pipe liners, pipe tape and fiberglass insulation to painted and unpainted steel, galvanized or aluminum surfaces. Foster 85-18 does not contain any solvents, is non-flammable when wet and fire resistant when dry. For more information follow this link or contact us.

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