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Official CINI inspectors at Temati

Technical support to ensure best solutions and best application of products is one of the pillars of the Temati approach in working with contractors, engineers, specifiers and asset owners.

Implementing theory behind concepts and designs into logical and practical solutions on site is essential to achieve the operational end result, that is desired. Taking a new step in our ‘thinking solutions’ motto, our colleagues John van Voorbergen and Harold Snoeren have become official certified CINI inspectors for the industry.

‘We congratulate both John and Harold with successfully completing the CINI course, making them official CINI inspectors. With another colleague Johan Sentjes already graduated as official certified Tipcheck engineer, last year, Temati is expanding its knowledge and experience, to build bridges between all parties involved in design, construction and maintenance in our industry,’ says Arjan Jongkind, general manager at Temati.

CINI is one of the leading international standards for insulation in industrial environments. Engineers and specifiers all around the world are basing their designs on the standards as described in the CINI manual. Temati now has fully authorized and certified inspectors in house to help its customers during every phase of a job or project. Would you like to know more about how we can help you, please contact our office and ask for John, Harold or Johan.

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