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One year independent on the market

Stefan Naenen CFO

Born: July 1982
Joined Temati: October 2012

Arjan Jongkind CEO

Born: Augustus 1965
Joined Temati: September 2001

January 24th 2014 a year ago, the Temati-Management acquired 100% of the shares through a Management Buy Out and all steps were taken for continuing and expanding our strategy and vision inside- and outside Europe. Together with our companies in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic and our Temati Distributors Club around Europe, we were able to improve our level of service to our customers.

Besides our companies in Europe, we are also pleased to have put our flags in the Middle East. By opening our branch-office in Dubai, we are confident that we will meet the high level of demands also in this part of the world.

We thank all our partners for making this work!

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