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Robomatic preferred vendor for Totalgaz industry

Temati’s Romanian distributor Robomatic S.R.L. recently supplied for 21 skids to Totalgaz Industry Romania. Totalgaz’ main business activity is to manufacture equipment and facilities provided for the production, shipment and distribution of natural gases: Skid mounted equipment specially tailored to meet the needs of the modern oil and gas industry.

Robomatic started initial pre-qualification end of 2011 by providing engineered insulation solutions, e.g. mineral wool with Foster; mineral wool with Tembutil and flexible insulation mattresses. In april 2012 Robomatic was qualified as an approved vendor and Totalgaz implemented the Tembutil solution for 21 skids. Furthermore insulation mattresses were used for valves and other accessories. A perfect example of Temati’s close cooperation with its distributors network.

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