FAQ - Vessel Inspection Plugs (VIP's)

Why are VIP’s used?

Often used to enable NDE (e.g. ultra sonic) wall thickness measurements under insulation. There are several USP's. Either asset-owners use hatches or they ask the insulation contractor to partly remove insulation. Hatches need to be accurately closed, often with the use of a sealant. And partly removal often is not done straight before and after NDE inspection. In some cases this can take days. Both situations can cause (rain)water ingress.

What does it do to prevent CUI?

It fits in an RBI inspection and CUI mitigation strategy in which asset-owners want to visually inspect insulation and coating in CUI susceptible spots or areas. Current general accepted conception is that all NDE techniques for CUI appear to have a low level POD (probability of detection) which makes visual inspection the only trustable.

How do I install it?

By using the hydraulic tool with the special head. For further instructions please view our instruction video.
Check our V.I.P. edge profile version for even easier installation, without screws or special tools.

What's the lifespan of the silicon plug?

Lifespan for this product exceeds 20 years. It is also excellently resistant to UV.

Is it possible to order this product in other dimensions than 2.5" or 5"?

No, VIP's are only available in 2,5" and 5".

At what places do I need to install VIP?

Places are based on the purpose for and the type of inspection. For CUI inspections EFC (European Federation for Corrosion) has published a CUI guideline which describes in details critical areas in piping and equipment.

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