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Where and when do I use Protectem Flangebelts?

Flangebelts can be used in situations with no direct relation to CUI. For instance to protect the annular space between the outside of flanges (at the place were bolts are mounted). This space can not be coated and water can accumulate. Our datasheet shows a picture that explains this. Flangebelts can also be used as a leak detection or spay-shield (to protect equipment, environment and personnel from leakages or so called “gushers” in high pressure systems).

How do Protectem Flangebelts prevent CUI?

There are many important reasons for insulating flanges, such as process control, thermal insulation and energy saving. However, the possibility of leakages frequently withholds decision makers to have them insulated. Installing Flangebelts allows flanges to be insulated since the risk on leakage is significantly reduced.

Can Protectem Flangebelts be supplied in other dimensions?

Flangebelts are usually supplied for standardised flanges according to ASA/ANSI/ASME (USA), PN/DIN (European), BS10 (British/Australian), and JIS/KS (Japanese/Korean). For custom flanges please provide outer flange diameter or circumference in combination with the flange thickness.

Can you supply Flangebelts without connection nipple and/ or PTFE lining?

Yes, on request we can supply Flangebelts without inner lining (request for Type "B" instead of Type "T"). We can also supply Flangebelts without connection nipple.

How do I install Protectem Flangebelts?

For instruction on how to install Flangebelts, please view our instruction video.


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