Temati's safe, non-metallic end cap gasket minimises the risk of CUI

Terminating the pipe insulation is a critical issue when sealing an insulation system.

Making terminations for conventional metal jacketing is often difficult to achieve. Sharp edges and slight deviations can lead to penetration of water and damage to the pipe coating. Even if additional sealant or E-glass tape is applied, the coating risks damage by water penetration; resulting in CUI.

A non-metallic termination solution that sits firmly on the pipe prevents ingress of water and results in lower maintenance costs and minimises failures caused by CUI. The penetration of water into a pipeline system can easily spread and cause corrosion in areas far from the actual entry point.

Use Temati's preformed end cap gasket at regular intervals to divide the piping system into closed chambers. Its elasticity prevents the surface coating or tracing from damage. Simply adjust the gasket to ensure a watertight fit.

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