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Product ID: W99257

Preformed End Cap Gasket

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End cap terminations of pipe insulation are essential to ensure water proofing the insulation of pipes. To prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI) it is critical to keep water out. The ingress and entrapment of water in insulation systems is a major risk factor, as it will result in CUI over time.When using traditional stainless steel terminations, it can result in various problems and risks: Cutting injuries, damaged heat traces, damaged paint systems and even holes in piping. In addition, difficulties modifying and fitting the stainless steel terminations have resulted in poorly sealed end caps.Using Temati’s Preformed End Cap Gasket, it mitigates the risk of damaging the coating system during installation. The superior water sealing properties of our non-metallic solution will reduce future maintenance costs and prevents failures caused by CUI.- Preformed End Cap Gasket- Secures a waterproof end termination of insulation with cladding- Prevents water ingress in insulation systems- Prevents damage to the coating and development of CUI- Optimal solution for thin insulation systems- Prevents heat transport with personal protection system

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