• Protective Foils & Tapes

    Protective Foils & Tapes

    Foils, tapes and reinforcements to be used for primary and secondary vapour-barrier applications.

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  • Insulation products

    Insulation products

    Specialist insulating products for various operating temperatures and conditions. Whether it concerns a cryogenic, cold, dual-temperature, ambient or hot thermal insulation system, Temati has the solution!

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  • Technical fabrics

    Technical fabrics

    Temtex™ fabrics are temperature-resistant fabrics, from 100 to 2000 gram/m², either in loom state, caramelized or treated/ coated with silicone, poly-urethane, alu-foil and high-temp treatment.

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  • Corrosion Under Insulation

    Corrosion Under Insulation

    Foils, tapes and reinforcements to be used for primary and secondary vapour-barrier applications.

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  • Flange protector in cold/cryogenic insulation systems

    Advantages of the Protectem Flangebelt

    Protectem-Flangebelts™ are commonly used in hot insulation systems to detect leakages in flange connections, or are used for personal protection at high-pressure flange connection systems, the so-called “sprayers”.

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  • LNG Industry June 2017: An inspector calls

    In its June edition LNG Journal published a three page article about the importance of proper installation and inspection of LNG insulation systems.

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  • Official CINI inspectors at Temati

    Technical support to ensure best solutions and best application of products is one of the pillars of the Temati approach in working with contractors, engineers, specifiers and asset owners.

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  • Q3 meeting Czech Republic

    In October the Temati Group organised its Q3 Meeting in the Czech Republic. Temati Czech Republic’s team hosted the event perfectly. As can be expected, main activities consisted of management meetings. Fortunately there was also time to view developments of our local branch at first hand.

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  • Temati Distributors Club (TDC) 9th Annual meeting

    From June 7th till June 9th, the TDC held its ninth annual meeting. This year's event took place in the Netherlands and was hosted by Temati B.V.

    We were very proud to welcome our newest member, J.H. Bjørklund AS from Norway; represented by mr. Terje Andersen and mr. Jon Sletteskog.

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Industrial insulation

Industrial processes come with a multitude of challenges. Insulation, C.U.I., Asbestos Abatement, Indoor air quality, Fire safety. These are serious issues that require reliable and innovative products. At Temati, we have decades of experience and expertise. We are your ideal partner when seeking solutions that make a real difference.

Creating the ideal industrial installation demands high-quality products that you and your clients can rely on, even under the most severe conditions. Consult Temati: we have solutions to suit your specific design- and construction demands with regard to thermal- and sound insulation, fire protection, corrosion prevention and personal safety.

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