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Exclusively distributed products
Cooperation with international manufacturers
ISO9001 certified company

About Temati

Temati Group is an international supplier of technical protection and ancillary products used in industrial and commercial insulation industry. We also manufacture flexible insulation jackets in our own facility in the Czech Republic. We supply technical high quality materials with proven track records. Our product portfolio is a mix of in-house manufactured products, exclusively distributed products and other specialist materials.

Temati is exclusive distributor of H.B. Fuller for Foster® and Childers® products in Europe, the Caspian Region and North Africa. We intensively cooperate with trusted international manufactures to develop new and improved products. These are specially designed to meet customers’ needs and technical requirements. Temati Group, an ISO9001 certified company with head office in the Netherlands, is established in 1962.

In-house production

Our in-house produced products are a guarantee of quality and quick service.

ISO9001 certified

We are an ISO9001 certified company, meaning we always provide the highest quality.

World wide coverage

With offices across Europe, we provide the best service wherever you are.

Years of experience

We have years of experience and have been specialists since 1962.


  • 1962: Temati was founded in the Netherlands. Our first office is in Haarlem (see picture).
  • 1989: start up of Temati Germany 
  • 2002: start up of Temati United Kingdom
  • 2003: Temati became sole European licensee manufacturer/ supplier for Foster® and Childers products
  • 2004: start up of Temati France and international distributors network established
  • 2008: start up of Temati Czech Republic
  • 2013: start up of Temati Middle East and management buy-out
  • 2017: start up of Temati Canada
  • 2020: new expanded exclusive distribution agreement Foster® and Childers® products.


You can find our products all over the world. They are used in sectors ranging from Energy, Oil & Gas to Petrochemical and Shipbuilding.  Temati has a solution for every situation. Whether it is a vapour barrier for a multi-layer insulation system in a cryogenic installation or Flangebelts to detect leaks in insulated flange pairs. We also have customised solutions for your company. Our experts like to think along with you.

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