Temati Supplies a growing range of specialist materials from Temati's head-office in the Netherlands and company-owned branches in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic and Dubai to an increasing number of customers throughout Europe and beyond.

Over the years Temati gradually increased its production-capacity to include most of the Foster® 'Thermal' and 'Asbestos Abatement' products, whilst the area of operation expanded to include Germany, Scandinavia and all major East-European countries.

Management Board

On January 24th 2013 Temati's management acquired 100% of the shares through a Management Buy Out. This allowed us to continue and expand our strategy and vision in- and outside Europe.

Together with our companies in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Middle-East and European distributors, we strive to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Stefan Naenen

Stefan Naenen CFO

Born: July 1982
Joined Temati: October 2012

Frank Scheerder

Frank Scheerder CEO

Born: March 1962
Joined Temati: October 1984

Arjan Jongkind

Arjan Jongkind COO

Born: Augustus 1965
Joined Temati: September 2001


Temati was founded in the Netherlands
Start up of Temati Germany
Temati United Kingdom start up
Temati became sole European licensee manufacturer/ supplier for Foster® and Childers products
Start up of Temati France
International distributors network established
Temati Czech Republic start up
Start up of Temati Middle East
Management Buy-out
Start up of Temati Canada
Pand Haarlem
Temati's first office, located in Haarlem.
insulated pipes